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scopia desktop

SCOPIA Desktop extends a room system video application to PC and Mac users for voice, video and data collaboration. It includes HD H.264 video for both meeting participants and data collaboration and H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for error resiliency. SCOPIA Desktop is a simple web browser plug-in that is centrally managed, distributed and deployed without complex licensing fees or installation issues. Automatic firewall traversal allows anyone to participate regardless of where they are. With SCOPIA Desktop you can create conference rooms without walls and connect from anywhere, create a virtual conference room and invite other desktop or mobile users and room systems.

SCOPIA Desktop is a simple web browser plug-in that is centrally managed and deployed without complex licensing fees or installation issues.  Simply click on a link and in moments you are ready to go.  Include tele-workers in meetings, participate in video conferences from the road, collaborate with partners and suppliers and seamlessly connect through firewalls.

HD Video Conferencing Bring your room system experience with you to whatever PC or Mac you use.  Participate in standards-based video conferences and see up to 28 participants simultaneously. Through SCOPIA video infrastructure, SCOPIA Desktop can connect to telepresence systems, standards-based HD video conferencing systems and unified communications applications for unmatched interoperability. Data Collaboration with Review View presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a conference with standards-based H.239 interoperable data collaboration and be fully engaged as if attending on a video conferencing room system. Participants can also review previously shared materials without interrupting the presenter using Radvision’s unique advanced data collaboration / slider function. Control, Moderate and Administer Meetings Start or stop recording or streaming, lock a conference or end the meeting. View the participants list and mute noisy users, stop cameras or simply disconnect unwanted participants. Change video layouts including rearranging participants through the simple interface. View statistics such as codecs in use, resolution, network speed and loss for troubleshooting.  Embedded Firewall and NAT Traversal Enjoy connectivity through enterprise boundaries while maintaining corporate security measures with automatic, embedded firewall and NAT traversal. No Complicated Licensing Simply click on a link, install the browser plug-in and connect - all without complex licensing fees or installation issues. The concurrent licensing model makes deployment easy for employees, partners, suppliers, customers and even casual users.