cloud services -

the alternative to infrastructure ownership


hosted services

New technology gives you a competitive advantage, but finding the credit or the capital for this is not so easy. With hosted services from i-Klarity you can preserve your capital for the things you do best and still get the latest technology for video conferencing services.

Do More with Hosted Services

•Start deploying and leveraging new technologies and services faster and enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

•Focus on what matters most to you and leave the technology to i-Klarity.•Lower your technology risk, increase your uptime and deploy consistent Video Conferencing services across multiple locations.

•Increase your business agility to stay current on the latest Video Conference applications.Hosted Services can do what many service providers do, such as offering the ‘Cloud’ as a service. Based on the latest hardware and technologies, i-Klarity lets you implement the latest Video Conferencing mobility solutions in your company with added benefits.Reduce Risk and Extend Mobility

•i-Klarity understands advanced technologies and can help you reduce the risk of deploying them.

•You get regular software upgrades to keep applications and hardware current.

•VCEverywhere assumes responsibility for service delivery and guarantees network uptime and service performance through service-level agreements (SLAs).

•You enjoy broader availability of Video Conferencing services with reliable and predictable service levels across multiple sites.

•You can avoid the cost of specialised expert staff. We take the office experience of participating in a Video Conference and make it available to home or travelling users independantly on i-Klaritys' carrier-grade platform and through integration with existing in-room systems