LC-Audio visual - specialist provider of skilled AV personnel

About lc-audiovisual

Our installation partner LC-AV provides industry leading rack build, quality assurance testing, installation and commissioning engineers as well as project management services where required. With a combined industry experience of over 25 years the founding partners of LC-AV have accumulated significant industry knowledge, developed comprehensive best practice guidelines and have built a pool of exceptional AV professionals who deliver their projects globally.

Contract Services

LC-AV is well positioned to support us by providing expertise in the following areas on a contract basis:

  • System Design
  • Rack Build & Testing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service

With staff specialised in all of the above disciplines LC-AV contract services can provide a fast and easy way to scale your full time team as required by your workload.

Day rate pricing available on application and project specific rates may also be available.