Employee Satisfaction - it's also "Green"

All employers have a Duty of Care for their employees. It is reasonable these days to expect employees to join the race for space on our congested motorways to arrive at far flung office locations when alternative technologies are available to allow that employee to maintain their usual routine? Video Conferencing can allow an employee to participate in meetings across the country and across the world simply by working from their usual desk location. Avoid the expensive and time consuming travel, avoid the potential dangers of motorway travel or the constant delays and cancellations of public transport. By replacing a face to face meeting with video conferencing and employee can maintain their usual routine and avoid making arrangements for child pick up or drop offs to and from school. Don't be fooled by thinking that video conferencing is a soft option compared to a face to face meeting - relationships can often be much stronger as a result of being able to meet more regularly over a video link that scheduling a monthly or quarterly meeting. It's also GREEN - video conferencing will make a dramatic contribution to reducing your CO2 emissions.

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The benefits

We're all familiar with how much time and money adopting video conferencing will save an organisation when successfully implemented. There are other less publicised benefits that are no less important.

Easier Collaboration

Ever tried adding travel time to your calendar when scheduling business meetings? You'll be shocked at how much travel time is often involved for a simple hour face to face meeting. If you are traveling to meet a client you need only find a spare hour in that clients' diary but you need to find the same hour plus travel time (an hour there and an hour back for example) in your own. What is a third or fourth person also needs to travel to make this meeting you'll need to find that three hour window in three diaries - not easy with todays' hectic business schedules. If that meeting could be done via video conferencing you need only find that single hour and you would expect to be able to schedule that meeting a lot earlier than if you had to schedule a three hour slot!

video conferencing -

the alternative to spiralling travel budgets and wasted time