Nothing can guarantee a lack of concentration more than poor sound quality yet how much thought to outstanding audio quality is spent on the design of meeting rooms? Probably the surface that turns sound into unwanted noise most is glass. How many of our key business rooms have 2, 3 or even all four walls made of glass! It's astonishing that so little thought goes into the design of these rooms which might look futuristic, efficient, certainly pleasing on the eye but certainly not pleasing on the ear! At i-Klarity we are passionate about improving sound quality in our business areas. We are happy to undertake an assessment of any room prior to making any recommendations as to any new technology. Our aims are to:

Maintain Privacy - Regain speech privacy in areas where any breach of sensitive or classified information would be potentially damaging

Improve Intelligibilty - Enhance communication between colleagues

Increase Concentration - Ensure that there is a balanced background sound level to reduce any distracting spikes in noise levels

audio visual services in the workplace

It is impossible to underestimate the value of image as we compete toe to toe with our competitors for business share. What does your reception say about your business? Is it saying that you are a successful company delivering successful company messages to your waiting clients? Are your meeting rooms equipped to provide presenters (both internal and external) with access to modern technology to enable messages to be delivered effectively and professionally. Does your board room offer fault free and reliable technology supporting the business process and showing your business in the right light to visiting senior management? Our experience is that the answers to these questions are often no and staff would prefer to book expensive third party facilities than endure the hit and miss nature of internal facilities in need of a face lift. We focus on four areas when looking to provide a face lift to tired ares - Audio, Visual, Flexibility and Practicality. In tandem with these topics basic room design is an important factor that should be at the heart of any upgrade project. 

audio visual services - deliver the message

deliver the image