audio visual Services

Hand in hand with Video Conferencing is the AV industry. Todays Reception Areas, Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms should be able to facilitate a great experience for clients and employees alike getting their message across in a professional way. We work with specialist partners to provide Design, Implementation and Services in UK and Europe using industry leading solutions from the major manufacturers such as NEC, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Chief, Unicol, Extron, Kramer, AMX, Crestron and many more.


video conferencing

At i-Klarity we believe that video conferencing is an application best suited to a formal meeting between parties in different locations. Unlike many of the manufacturers we don't see workers taking part in conferences in coffee shops during their lunch break or running for a train! Video Conferencing, correctly deployed can eliminate unnecessary journeys which drain budgets, waste time and contribute to harmful greenhouse gases.

Whilst it is a common misconception that a video conference is a "second best" option for meetings we actually believe it can be even better for building relationships. Rather than set formal time to visit clients of other employees who may be at work across the globe simply connect with them every week or even every day if you wish. At i-Klarity we help our clients get on the first rung of the ladder and help the more experienced improve.

Video Conferencing or Audio visual services - complete satisfaction is our aim