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Modern technology offers the presenter an array of choices. Traditionally, projectors were used in larger meeting rooms where theatre style presentations were given to large audiences with large screens at the head of the room. Projectors have become smaller, more powerful, more reliable and offer full high definition images with very high colour saturation. Screen size can vary of course but it is not uncommon for sizes up and beyond 8 feet in diagonal to to be deployed in larger meeting areas and auditoriums.

Barco’s portfolio of business projectors are the perfect match for your meeting room or boardroom. Based on the Texas Instruments’ DLP chipset, the projectors offer vibrant colors, superb uniformity and brightness levels that guarantee perfect image quality even in brightly lit rooms or rooms with lots of ambient light. The single-chip DLP Collaborate range allow for multi-window sharing and thus improve collaboration, whereas the RLM three-chip DLP projectors combines ultimate image quality with noise levels as low 37 db. No wonder the RLM projectors are known as the most silent ones available.

Excellent performance, high brightness and ultimate reliability for your professional presentations; that’s what Barco projectors bring to your meeting rooms, boardrooms, brainstorm rooms or break-out rooms.

The major LED display manufacturers are fighting back however, moving up the size battleground with new offerings of their own. Both Samsung with their new 95" diameter LED display and Sharp with their new 90" Aquos model are breaking new ground giving the user options to deploy LED displays permanently on a meeting room wall. The new LED technology is able to be used due to its' lighter weight and can give considerable flexibility over deploying an electric ceiling mounted screen with an accompanying projector.

Irrespective of the technology used, we can assure the user of first class image results at the highest definition possible for presentations and Video conferencing. 

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Barco RLM-W6

Barco’s RLM-W6 is the world’s first 3-chip DLP projector that comes with a single-chip DLP price tag. For a highly competitive price, you can now enjoy the precise color and image quality of 3-chip DLP.